The services offered by Catherine Milner Interiors include:


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Architectural FinishesARCHITECTURAL DESIGN

Catherine Milner Interiors partners closely with the project architect to work on:

  • The conceptual analysis of the property based on client objectives – inclusive of any property constraints
  • The proposed reconfiguration of spaces with opportunities to add additional square footage pursued where possible (in order to maximise investment potential)
  • Structural evaluation
  • Discussions for any relevant planning permissions

Working with London’s top architects, surveyors and builders Catherine ensures that projects are managed efficiently and completed to the highest standard using the best possible materials and craftsmanship. Catherine Milner Interiors places great emphasis on the architectural finishes of a property – designing distinctive neo classical architraves, doors, skirting, paneling and cornicing for her clients.

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Sketch for Chelsea propertyINTERIOR DESIGN

Upon receipt of a brief, Catherine Milner Interiors (CMI) will develop a new design concept or a design to embellish and enrich the existing décor, reflecting the existing architectural design.This is then presented to the client through a series of mood boards, free hand sketches and drawings.

Clients can be confident that Catherine’s drawings provide a highly inspirational and atmospheric visualisation and an accurate representation and intention of what can be achieved for their property.

Following commission CMI begins work following a carefully drawn out and deliberate approach.

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CMI Approach

In order to best understand a client’s objectives, a series of preliminary meetings are held. This includes an on site meeting to determine objectives and priorities, followed by a project proposal and terms of instruction.

Upon project commencement, Catherine Milner Interiors begins with:

  • Consultation with Catherine and the chosen architect to provide a conceptual analysis of the property based on the client’s objectives, inclusive of any property constraints and structural evaluation and layout breakdown.
  • Proposed reconfiguring of the spaces
  • Presentation of the initial design concept, sketches and mood boards
  • Evaluation of any structural issues relating to the design
  • Discussion of any relevant planning permissions required
  • The costs associated with the proposed building works and interiors and defining a client’s budget.
  • Presentation of quotes and analysing estimates
  • Defining and consolidating costs within an agreed budget
  • Coordinating and implementing agreed design proposals through active project management
  • Presenting the detailed quotes that correspond with the works.
  • Final tender presented, including an appraisal report, final drawings and decorative design plans.
  • Work descriptions drawn up detailing contracted work including: construction, electrical, plumbing, carpentry, marble and stonework, wall and floor finishes.
  • Creative direction of project work throughout the renovation
  • Overseeing all aspects of design and finish at project completion so that the client’s objectives are fully met
  • Creating project work schedule for all participants
  • Selection and purchase of rugs, fabrics, wall coverings, upholstery, furniture (be it vintage, contemporary or bespoke), specialist lighting designs.
  • Commissioning bespoke pieces if required/desired


Catherine Milner Interiors undertakes property search and acquisition on behalf of her clients in London’s most exclusive residential locations. Catherine sources prestigious, and often ‘off market’ properties in Belgravia, Knightsbridge, Chelsea and Holland Park.

She has an excellent working relationship with the Grosvenor Estate, Cadogan Estate and other landed estates, which helps facilitate all aspects of property acquisition as well as lease extensions, freehold acquisitions, building work applications and other necessary permissions.

This applies to both private and corporate clients who desire to purchase a home or investment property. Example acquisitions have included two prestigious Knightsbridge apartments, a highly sought after lateral apartment in Eaton Square, an investment property in Rutland Gate and even a car parking space off Basil Street, Kensington.

Catherine has successfully implemented planning applications for properties in Knightsbridge and Belgravia.


Catherine is committed to maintaining the highest possible standards of service for each of her clients. In order to provide a carefully planned, bespoke service she never takes on more than one renovation at a time.

All work on behalf of her client’s is carried out with discretion and integrity at every stage.


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