Our Approach

Project Scope

In order to best understand a client’s objectives, a series of preliminary meetings are held. This includes an on site meeting to determine objectives and priorities, followed by a project proposal and terms of instruction.

Upon project commencement, Catherine Milner Interiors begins with:

  • Consultation with Catherine and the chosen architect to provide a conceptual analysis of the property based on the client’s objectives, inclusive of any property constraints and structural evaluation and layout breakdown.
  • Proposed reconfiguring of the spaces
  • Presentation of the initial design concept, sketches and mood boards
  • Evaluation of any structural issues relating to the design
  • Discussion of any relevant planning permissions required
  • The costs associated with the proposed building works and interiors and defining a client’s budget.
  • Presentation of quotes and analysing estimates
  • Defining and consolidating costs within an agreed budget
  • Coordinating and implementing agreed design proposals through active project management
  • Presenting the detailed quotes that correspond with the works.
  • Final tender presented, including an appraisal report, final drawings and decorative design plans.
  • Work descriptions drawn up detailing contracted work including: construction, electrical, plumbing, carpentry, marble and stonework, wall and floor finishes.
  • Creative direction of project work throughout the renovation
  • Overseeing all aspects of design and finish at project completion so that the client’s objectives are fully met
  • Creating project work schedule for all participants
  • Selection and purchase of rugs, fabrics, wall coverings, upholstery, furniture (be it vintage, contemporary or bespoke), specialist lighting designs.
  • Commissioning bespoke pieces if required/desired